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Ladbroke Square Montessori was first opened in the 1940s and has a rich history with direct ties back to Dr. Maria Montessori. It was set up by two women, one of whom studied with Maria Montessori herself. Since then it has maintained its strong links with Montessori.

The school is located on Ladbroke Square in Victorian house with classrooms spread across 3 floors. Children enter through the blue door and are welcomed each morning by our head teacher. Making their way to each classroom they find the hallways decorated with photos of past students, many of whom come back to pay the school a visit. Each floor reveals one of 3 bright and large classrooms, busy with children wearing blue or red gingham smocks.

We have our own private garden where children can with play, ride tricycles, use our outdoor classroom, sand and water trays. We are also lucky enough to have access to Ladbroke Square Gardens, one of the largest private gardens in London. The children enjoy the space to run and explore nature in the heart of Notting Hill.

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