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At Ladbroke Square Montessori School, our aim is to provide children with strong learning foundations that will support their future education and personal development into adulthood.        

We believe in nurturing independent thinking, fostering a love for learning and exploration of the world around them. With the support of our caring, highly qualified teachers, the children construct foundations for learning and the ability to face and solve problems calmly.

From one of our carefully prepared, big and bright Montessori classrooms the children will explore and socialise within the safety of a Victorian converted home. Outside, the children happily explore our private garden, in addition the school has daily use of Ladbroke Square Gardens - one of the largest communal gardens in London.

Our objective is to provide children with a safe, warm, and caring environment from which they can play, learn and develop into happy, healthy and inquisitive individuals. Children who leave Ladbroke Square Montessori School with a sense of wonder at the world around them. 



School Hours

All of our children are offered a morning school place, with the option to add on lunch and afternoon sessions.


Breakfast Club - 8:00am (join us for cereal, toast and fruit)

Early Birds Drop Off - 8:40am (for parents who work or have other school drop offs)

Morning school runs from 9:00am - 12:00 noon 

Lunch Club pick up 1:00pm (hot school meals or bring a packed lunch).

Afternoon school 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Whole Day runs from 9:00am – 3:00pm  (drop off from 8:30am)

After-school Clubs -3:00pm - 4:00 Mon-Thursday


Our classes at Ladbroke Square Montessori School are filled with children of mixed age and genders from 2 through to 5 years old. We find our younger children watch and learn from the older children in the school and therefore progress at a greater speed. While the older children gain confidence through their ability to help and guide the younger children. Each child learns at their own pace so no-one is held back. We work towards keeping the ratios as even as possible within each of our classes

Beanies - Two year old Class

We are delighted by the sucess of our new Beanies class, especially designed for two-year olds. Which offers children a gentler start and introduction into a Montessori class, equipped with materials and play ideas especially for their age range. 

This is especially important for our little ones for whom lockdown restricted their vital social interaction and play. All children are offered a morning place, with lunch and afternoon additional options. Once the children are ready, the move up into one of the three classes in the main part of the school.

Clubs/ Extras

Our extra-curricular lessons are taken by experienced and enthusiastic teachers. We hold French, yoga and dance within the school day and run clubs after school.  We regularly explore other club opportunities for the children.

Hot Lunches

Our hot lunches are very popular, our children lay the table with china plates, glasses, cutlery and flowers. There are filtered water jugs on the table to enable the children to help themselves, and others thus contributing to the sense of independence and community at school. We feel it has definitely encouraged our children try a variety of foods and meal combinations, it has saved parents preparing a lunch box each day, and reduced the amount of waste containers and packets from packed lunches.

School trips

We seek to involve the children in our vibrant community. The school arranges for all classes to visit the local library and other places of educational interest. Recent visits include, the Ladbroke Grove fire station, classical music concerts, our local residentail care home and friendly local businesses.


Many parents contribute to the both class and school by reading, cooking, and sharing their knowledge or their their particular skills to share with us. The Parents at Ladbroke Square – PALS, act as parent/school liaisons and provide a focal point for social events and charity fundraising.  We have opportunities for parents and teachers to mix, at many different events through-out the year, for instance:

  • Parents Fundraising Parties -Christmas,

  • Leavers drinks

  • Workshops for Parents

  • Parents/teacher Meetings

  • Mother's and Father's Day Breakfast

  • School Play

  • Sports Day

We use software from 'Blossom Educational' which amongst many uses, helps us to monitor developmental progress.  It also has a great app for our parents to see photo's and read observations about thier children engrosed in thier activities, and in turn, parents can respond with photo's and observations from home - helping to nourish the connection from home to school.

We have a school pinterest site, instagram and pinboard where we encourgage parents to join and become apart of the school community.

Policies and School guidelines

The School has a list of school policies which are available upon request. They are reviewed annually and more frequently if necessary.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

The school is committed to safeguarding and child protection. We at all times promote the welfare of children, it is the school’s expectation that all staff, students, volunteers and parents share this commitment.

Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) -

At Ladbroke Square we are committed to the inclusion of all children. We can support pupils with special educational needs and can direct parents to the following specialist, either through local authority or private practice.  We have a Special Educational Needs Coordinator at the school.

Speech and language therapy

Occupational therapy

Autism and early year’s intervention team

Art and play therapy

For More information call 020 7229 0125 or better still, come on a tour and see for yourselves!

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