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Our Curriculums

Our Curriculums – Montessori and EYFS

We are all unique individuals, with our own skills, needs and characteristics – so are our children.

We wrap our curriculums around each child, specific to their needs, passions and their world. This means that no one misses out on learning, just because they are really tired, desperate to play in the mud kitchen, or about to solve a puzzle – they can do both at the same time.


  • We help children to understand the very simplified, core or essence of a concept.
  • Repeated over time in many diverse ways until the concept has been processed and absorbed.
  • Slowly we add and build more context, connections, and relevant information.
  • We create opportunities for children to relate this knowledge to their own interests and to use it in their world to construct a very solid foundational knowledge.

Our Montessori Curriculum

Mixed Ages

Our classes at Ladbroke Square Montessori School are filled with children of mixed ages and genders from two through to five years old. We find that our younger children watch and learn from the older or more able children in the school and therefore progress at a greater speed. While the older children gain confidence through their increased ability including being able to help and guide the younger children. Each child learns at their own pace, so no-one is held back or left floundering. We work towards keeping the gender and age ratios as even as possible within each of our classes.

Our Environment

What makes a Montessori classroom special and unique? Our ‘Prepared Environment’ is carefully designed so everything has a purpose and a place with all the materials at our children’s height so easily accessible. The classrooms are clean and uncluttered, with few distractions for the eye, children walk about freely seeking activities, each child concentrates on a different task which supports focus and logical thinking through the process, yet the whole group presents the appearance of perfect discipline. The children grow and develop through real experiences in a natural environment. In essence, a Montessori classroom should be a home away from home, full of intriguing things to do and explore.

The Role of the Teachers

The teachers act as nurturing guides, each child’s learning progress is personalised by their teachers observing the children, meeting and talking to their families this helps us to understand what our children’s interests are, what they choose to engage in and inspire an inviting, stimulating and safe environment. The teachers steer the children towards learning opportunities, sometimes showing them ways of approaching individual tasks, but ultimately the children learn and find out for themselves how to complete a chosen activity so their confidence and self-esteem will blossom.

Our Resources

Maria Montessori designed resources which foster independence and a love for learning from a young age.

These materials support concrete exploration which leads to both practical skills and abstract knowledge. Such exploration is initiated through minimalist lessons offered by the trained Montessori teacher followed by hands-on, self-directed, and self-correcting learning which can be individual, collaborative, or peer-to-peer.

These scientifically designed activities are made from organic, natural materials or are as real to life as possible. If you walk around the classrooms, you will see educational Montessori materials organised within shelves in specific areas

We change and update many of the materials every six weeks or before that, if we it feel it is needed.

Our EYFS Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must follow the EYFS.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a core governmental document, which sets statutory standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. It supports a cohesive approach to early learning and care.

Ongoing assessments are at the heart of our practice. We observe your child as they interact in their play, both every day and during planned activities. We also learn from you about what your child loves doing at home, on trips and holidays. We use these observations to support your child, and to strengthen and deepen their current learning and development. We also identify possible areas to support and extend, using observations to plan for their next steps.

Using our Montessori materials and philosophy we fulfil the 7 areas of learning that the EYFS focuses on.

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.