Our Nursery Day | Ladbroke Square


Lucy welcomes each child individually at the front door. As their excited chatter fills the hallways the children make their way to their classrooms to find their teachers and friends.

The children enter their classrooms and hang up coats and bags on their pegs, they are invited to bring in a healthy snack to share. They place their snack in the bowl and say hello to their teachers and friends.

The children make their own choices in the classroom supported and expanded by their teachers who foster learning and development opportunities – children learn to problem solve, with the process being as important as the outcome.

There are healthy snacks available throughout the school day. Children take a cup and plate, pour their milk or water and decide what to eat while chatting to other friends at the snack table. This helps children to regulate their own hunger, clearing and washing up after themselves also encourages independence.

We use our school garden every day; the bikes, building and digging equipment are very popular. Our outdoor classroom offers the children more opportunity to paint, draw and read, in addition, children play in the casetta, sand pit, mud kitchen and enjoy water play.  We frequently  explore music, drama, dressing-up, messy play, science experiments, cooking within the school day.


We put on our coats and bag and wait on the bench in the front hall for our parents to arrive. Once our parents or carers have safely signed the register it’s time to go home.


If we are staying for a full day, we sit together eating lunch with the friends we have made from the other classes and with teachers to support and care for us. The afternoons begin in the garden, returning to the classrooms for more structured work and play.

The children can choose to use the Montessori equipment at any point in their afternoon. The teachers stagger their learning activity plans each day for art, music, drama, physical activity and adventure day (this could be a trip to the library, cooking, science experiment or an exciting guest). At 3:00 it’s time to go home unless you are staying for ‘After School Club’ which finishes at 4:00.

The child is both a hope and promise for mankind.

Maria Montessori